SIB Open House
Training - SIB Open House

Training - SIB Open House

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Each year, the SIB members meet during the “SIB Days”. This yearly event brings our members together giving them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to collaborate. Participants enjoy presentations of our Groups' projects and take part in workshops on themes such as “Ortholog databases”, “Protein annotation”, or “Linking biology to chemistry”. The SIB Days programme always includes a social event, during which our members can explore new ways of developing and demonstrating their creativity and innovation skills. In 2012 for instance, teams were equipped with rudimentary objects such as bobbins, balloons, thread and rubber bands, and were asked to build small cars that they would race. What had first looked like a child’s game quickly revealed to be a real brain-teaser. And the results were astonishing!

The next SIB Days will take place on 27 and 28 January 2014 in the city of Biel. SIB will open this event to 10 graduate students or young researchers who will have been selected to attend the event for free, which includes full-board accommodation during the 2 day meeting.

This event will be a great opportunity for young scientists – who are considering a career in bioinformatics – to meet potential supervisors and learn about job opportunities among the creators of UniProt, SwissModel, the ExPASy server, and many other Swiss bioinformatics tools and resources.

Who can apply

Bachelors, Masters, PhD students or postdocs interested in Bionformatics.


To apply for the SIB Open House, please use this form. Applications will be evaluated by a jury composed of SIB Group Leaders. The 10 selected candidates will be chosen according to their scientific and personal motivations.


Selected candidates will receive full-board accommodation during the 2 day meeting. Any other accommodation expenses, before or after the meeting, must be organised by the participants.


Buses will be arranged from Geneva, Lausanne and Basel to Biel. Exact travel times will be confirmed by email to the selected participants in due time.  Departure from any other city or country will need to be
organised and paid by the participant.

Key dates

Opening date for applications:  3 September 2013
Closing date for applications:  10 November 2013
Selection announcement: 10 December 2013
SIB Days: 27-28 January 2014

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