Training - Introduction
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Training the next generation of bioinformaticians

For SIB, it is essential to train the next generation of bioinformaticians and ensure that biologists benefit fully from our resources. In this regard, SIB coordinates and provides training, to the Swiss and international community, on various bioinformatics-related domains. Most SIB courses have a face-to-face format, with an emphasis on practical learning. We also develop e-learning modules, which are freely accessible to all, on fundamental topics such as Unix and phylogenetics.

The SIB PhD Training Network fosters the interactions and exchange of ideas among PhD students in bioinformatics and computational biology, and trains them in the most up-to-date methods necessary for their doctoral research. SIB is also engaged in explaining to a larger audience the important role of bioinformatics in life sciences. Among our outreach activities, we would like to highlight, our virtual exhibition on the human genome and bioinformatics (in French, English, and German).

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Forthcoming courses

12 Nov
High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Science
Bern / Fribourg
21–22 Oct
Best practices in programming 2014
10 Sep
High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Science
22–27 Jun
16–18 Jun
NGS genome and transcriptome assembly and analysis
11–13 Jun
10–13 Jun
2–6 Jun
22–23 May
21 May


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