Announcing "Tales From A Small World"

Announcing "Tales From A Small World"


talesfromasmallworldThe SIB announced today the launch of “Tales From A Small World”, a collection of articles originally published on the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Protein Spotlight site. Edited by Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen, the book is enriched with poems by the Dublin poet, Pat Ingoldsby.

Each article tells the story of a given protein - of which there are hundreds of thousands - from what it does in our body, how it does it, who discovered it, to how such information can help save lives. Here, barely a hundred proteins are described. But they provide the reader with an idea of the scope of activities performed by such tiny entities.

With “Tales From A Small World” the reader discovers why little girls are girls, and little boys are boys. Why a lobster changes colour when boiled. What it is that makes you cry when you cut an onion. Whether infidelity is particular to males. Why glue sticks. And what it is that makes an eye blue. To order “Tales From A Small World”


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