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CALIPHO, which stands for “Computer and Laboratory Investigation of Proteins of Human Origin”, aims to use a combination of bioinformatics and experimental methodologies to increase our knowledge of human proteins. The main missions of CALIPHO are the development of neXtProt, a human protein knowledge resource, and discovering the function of selected sets of uncharacterized proteins of human origin through laboratory experiments.


The CALIPHO group headed by Amos Bairoch and Lydie Lane is an interdisciplinary team composed of biocurators, bioinformaticians and experimentalists who aims to use a variety of methodologies to help uncover the function of uncharacterized human proteins. The group has embarked on the ambitious project of building a novel knowledge discovery platform around the complete set of human proteins. This development is carried out in close collaboration with the Swiss-Prot group, which was led by Prof. Bairoch for 23 years, and with GeneBio. The CALIPHO group is part of both the SIB and the University of Geneva, where all of the experimental laboratory activities are carried out. The group is highly collaborative in nature and although it is already involved in many collaborations both in Switzerland and abroad, it is actively seeking to establish strong links with other experimental and bioinformatics groups that share the same goal.

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neXtProt is expected to gradually become the comprehensive knowledge resource on human proteins. It is being built so that it can act as a central resource of high quality protein-centric information for any life scientist undertaking modern biomedical research. In addition to the human protein data available in Swiss-Prot, it also contains a wide range of additional information obtained by the appropriate data mining of many external data resources using very stringent quality criteria. neXtProt will incorporate not only data but also software tools that will ease the process of extracting knowledge from raw information.


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