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SyBIT- Peter Kunszt
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SyBIT has been initiated by the Executive Board to act as the IT backbone of It is the responsibility of SyBIT to help all projects with their IT and Bioinformatics solutions, allowing them to generate, process, analyze and store their scientific data. SyBIT aims to provide to the Swiss Systems Biologists the collaboration tools and solutions necessary to enable integrative research. SyBIT builds as much on available services and existing solutions as possible, extending them and generalizing local solutions as necessary.


SyBIT is a distributed project. SyBIT people are placed all over Switzerland working locally with the teams supporting the research projects. This assures that SyBIT has very close contact with the scientists. The requirements are experienced first-hand and the solutions proposed by SyBIT are being deployed and used quickly for immediate feedback. SyBIT works not only with the scientists, but also with the platform supporters and IT resource providers. The SyBIT organization is described here.
SyBIT works through short focused projects solving real immediate needs of the research projects. In addition, SyBIT has initiated thematic Communities among the existing Swiss institutions providing platform services, who can initiate strategic SyBIT development projects and establish standards for SyBIT services.

Projects and services

SyBIT has started in 2009. Currently there is support for several instances of an open biology information system (openBIS) developed by CISD, running in Lausanne and Zurich. There are plans to extend an existing image analysis middleware from the ETHZ (iBRAIN) such that it can be used by other institutions as well. Further projects include extension of the BioFormats library of OME, an electronic laboratory notebook project, a central object identifier registry, a proteomics portal. These are just the initial projects. Each project can initiate a SyBIT project to develop or extend a library, service or other tool relevant to their work.

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Biography Peter Kunszt

Peter Kunszt has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Bern. He has been an associate research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, building the science archive of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, one of the first large-scale scientific databases. He has been staff member and section leader at the IT department of CERN, developing the services used also today to manage and transfer the LHC data products on the LHC Data Grid. He was also responsible to build the Swiss node of the LHC Computing Grid at the Swiss Supercomputing Centre CSCS in Manno. In 2009 he was appointed head of the SyBIT project to help address the data management issues of the research projects.


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