ron appel

Ron Appel, Executive Director
Ron Appel graduated in Computer Science from the University of Geneva, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Informatics Applied to Proteomics, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard School of Public Health. He was co-founder in 1998 of SIB, where he led the Proteome Informatics Group. He is professor of bioinformatics at the University of Geneva and is also scientific co-founder of two biotechnology companies in Geneva.



christine durinx

Christine Durinx, Associate Director
Christine Durinx holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, where she also obtained her Ph.D. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years in Medical Affairs and International Medical Communications. Christine joined SIB in May 2014.



jocelyne bocquet

Jocelyne Bocquet, Head of Finance & Grant Services
Jocelyne Bocquet received a degree in Financial Management in 1982, and she has always worked in different areas of financial trusts, institutions, foundations and associations. She was responsible for the Accounting Department of the Canton of Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry for nine years before joining SIB in 2009.



marc filliettaz

Marc Filliettaz, Legal and Technology Transfer Officer
Marc Filliettaz obtained a Master’s degree in Law at the University of Geneva. During his studies he co-founded a Geneva-based company, specializing in a new process technology for conditioning wine, which is still continuing to grow. He joined SIB in 2014 to help set up the Legal and Technology Transfer Office. Marc is responsible for the Technology Transfer Office and for all legal matters at SIB.



veronique mangold

Véronique Mangold, Head of Human Resources
Véronique Mangold started her career as a teacher for disabled children and teenagers with learning difficulties. She then studied Theology at the University of Geneva and received training in Human Resources. Véronique joined SIB’s Swiss-Prot and PIG groups in June 2000 where she was in charge of various activities before creating their HR Department in 2002. In October 2009, she became the Head of the SIB Human Resources Department.



sandra reinders web

Sandra Reinders, Human Resources Manager
Sandra Reinders holds a degree in European Business Studies from the University of Enschede, the Netherlands and the Regional Technical College of Galway, Ireland. She obtained a Master’s degree in Management of Technology and Innovation from the University of Technology of Compiègne, France. She has worked in Human Resources for nearly 20 years in various countries and various industries, amongst which the academic sector as of 2008. Sandra joined SIB in November 2015.



maren veranneman web

Maren Veranneman, Head of Communications
Maren Veranneman holds a degree in French Literature, Spanish Linguistics and Media from the University of Hamburg, Germany. She has worked in international corporate communications for over 10 years in various industries, including positions in the pharmaceutical industry since 2008. Maren joined SIB in May 2015.



maria barreiro 3

Maria Barreiro, Head of Administration
After a high-school diploma in Business and Administration, two years of Political Science and a year of Psychology at the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, respectively, Maria worked at major media companies in the French part of Switzerland in the Subscriptions and Marketing Departments, as well as in the Editorial Department at Edipresse SA (Le Nouveau Quotidien, Animan, Le Matin, 24 Heures) and at Ringier AG (TV8 Radio, L'Illustré, Maria joined SIB in 2004 to assist the Institute's Director.



sabine perlini

Sabine Perlini, Financial Assistant
Sabine Perlini received a commercial degree in 1984. She then worked as an accountant at various companies until the birth of her first child in 1989.
Sabine has been active in several associations for more than 10 years. She joined SIB in October 2009 to assist the Head of Finance.



sylvie clottu

Sylvie Clottu, Communications Assistant
Sylvie Clottu holds a degree in Foreign Languages (English, Italian and German) as well as a degree in Tourism. She worked one year for an airline company at Geneva airport and nearly 3 years for the Swiss Federal Railways (CFF) in Lausanne before leaving for Dublin, Ireland where she studied photography and graphic design. After two and a half years she returned to Switzerland to work at Les Diablerets Tourist Office for two years and in a real estate office for one year. She joined SIB during the summer of 2009 and assists the Head of Communications and the Administration Department.



lydie nso web

Lydie Nso Nso, Administration Assistant
After obtaining an undergraduate diploma in Business delivered by the CEC André-Chavanne in Geneva, Lydie Nso Nso received a "Maturité Professionnelle Commerciale" following the completion of a secretarial internship in a middle school. She then attended the HEG Geneva where she received training in Business Administration for a year and a half, and went on to work in an industrial company as a trainee. She joined SIB in August 2014, where she assists the Administration Department as a secretary.



leonardo ledesma

Leonardo Ledesma, Accounting Assistant
After obtaining his Economy & Law high-school degree, Leonardo Ledesma went to the "Gymnase" for a degree in Federal Economy & Law. Upon graduation, he worked for SIB for one year, as part of his training programme for the "Maturité professionnelle Commerciale". In September 2014, he joined SIB to work for the Finance Department and the Vital-IT Group's secretariat. In parallel, he is continuing his studies at the "HEIG".



vanessa monteiro

Vanessa Monteiro Caria, Human Resources Assistant
After eight years in Germany, Vanessa Monteiro Caria came to Switzerland in 2003 where she received her degree in Economics and Commerce at the "Gymnase de Beaulieu" in Lausanne. She joined SIB in September 2013 as a trainee for her "Maturité Professionelle Commerciale" and she assisted the Administration, Human Resources and Finance Departments for a year. She is now the Human Resources Assistant and will continue her studies at the "HEIG" aiming for a career in Management.



vivienne gerritsen web

Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen, Science Writer
Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen has a degree in Biology from the University of Geneva, and has been involved in popular science for many years. She joined SIB in 2000 to create the online magazine "Protein Spotlight", and has taken an active part in bringing SIB research to the layman by way of exhibitions, plays and stories for children, and other activities during various science fairs. Vivienne is also an independent professional in popular science and supports the Head of Communications in writing popular science texts for SIB’s diverse publications.